What is Forebet

    What is Forebet

    Ready to take your sports analysis to the next level? Look no further than Forebet, your premier AI-driven platform for cutting-edge sports predictions, statistics and insights.

    Forebet is a revolutionary platform that aims to provide sports enthusiasts with deep insights for every game, utilizing enormous statistics, games, and many more features to help users reach their ultimate goal - obtaining predictions based on mathematics and real data. With its advanced mathematical algorithms and machine learning models, Forebet leverages artificial intelligence methods to analyze vast amounts of sports data. Operating since 2009, Forebet has always been at the forefront of AI-powered sports predictions.


    Forebet presents an extraordinary range of coverage, currently providing predictions for over 700 leagues across a diverse range of sports. Whether you're interested in popular leagues like the English Premier League, the NBA, or the Australian Open, or even the smallest leagues and competitions, Forebet has you covered. From the biggest matches to the most obscure encounters, you'll find comprehensive predictions and probabilities for a wide range of sports.

    With a goal to continuously expand its reach, Forebet aims to make predictions for even more leagues in the future, striving to cover as many sports and competitions as possible.


    Forebet is committed to delivering unique content and providing a free platform for football fans. All predictions and content are free.


    At the core of Forebet's predictive power lies its AI algorithms, which take into account a myriad of factors to deliver precise predictions. Team performance, historical data, player statistics, head-to-head records, and even weather conditions are all meticulously considered. By analyzing these variables, Forebet's AI technology identifies patterns and trends that are often overlooked by human analysis, giving you a competitive edge in the world of sports.


    But Forebet is not just about predictions. We offer a wealth of additional features to enhance your sports analysis. Whether you're looking for detailed team statistics, comprehensive match previews, live scores, or even up-to-date information on injuries and suspensions, Forebet provides it all. Our platform is designed to empower you with the knowledge you need to make well-informed decisions and keep you informed and entertained.


    Live scores provide real-time updates on match scores, along with minute-by-minute information on goalscorers, assist players, yellow or red cards, and substitutions, ensuring fans are kept informed of the most significant events as they happen on the field.

    Live predictions

    In addition to its comprehensive range of features, Forebet also offers live predictions that continuously update and forecast the outcome of ongoing matches in real-time. With its live predictions, Forebet keeps fans engaged and informed by providing up-to-the-minute analysis of the game's progression, including the anticipated final result.


    Trends are striking statistical patterns outlined in human-readable text. Our main objective is to transform intricate statistical data into plain language, making it accessible and comprehensible to all.

    Mobile apps

    Forebet's iOS and Android app provides users with a faster and easier way to access all the main features, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

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    Join the league of sports enthusiasts who use Forebet's AI prowess to stay ahead of the game. Our AI technology will revolutionize your sports experience and give you the edge you need. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Forebet allows you to delve deeper into the world of sports, uncovering hidden insights and new strategies that can improve your predictions.

    Visit Forebet today and experience the future of sports predictions!

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    Start your journey towards more informed decision-making and elevate your sports analysis to new heights with Forebet!