Which Teams at Qatar 2022 Have Never Reached the World Cup Round of 16

    Which Teams at Qatar 2022 Have Never Reached the World Cup Round of 16
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    24/11/22 762

    The 2022 Qatar World Cup is well underway and the tournament has already sprung up a bunch of surprises and shock results. However, there are still plenty of teams aiming to get into the knockout stages for the first time, and we’ll run through who has not yet made it to the round of 16 at the World Cup.


    The hosts are at their first-ever World Cup and despite winning the Asian Cup back in 2019, their record outside of their continental tournaments is extremely poor. In fact, it's even fair to argue that they are only at the World Cup because they are hosting the tournament.

    Given that this is their first World Cup since becoming a national team in 1970, no matter how far they get, it will be their best performance regardless. After losing 2-0 to Ecuador in the opening game, however, they remain without a win at the finals.


    Historically on the world stage, Iran have struggled to stamp their marker down. This is now the fifth World Cup in their history and with them sitting 20th in the FIFA World Rankings, now may be the best time for them to challenge for the knockout rounds at a World Cup.

    Carlos Queiroz is still the head coach and he has led Iran to one of the two victories in their World Cup history after a win over Morocco at Russia 2018.

    In fact, with a draw with Portugal at that World Cup too and a narrow 1-0 loss to Spain as well, they were quite unlucky to not make it to the knockout rounds four years ago, and in an easier group, Iran probably would have made it.

    In their fifth World Cup, they’ve got another tough test with England, USA and Wales.


    Tunisia is a country well-established on the world stage with three major trophies since 1963. This has seen the country win the 1963 Arab Cup, the 2011 African Nations Championship and the 2004 Africa Cup of Nations.

    At the World Cup, however, five efforts so far have seen them leave the tournament at the group stages. The first entry for them was 1978 where they won one game, but their second victory at the World Cup came just four years ago.


    It’s the first World Cup in 36 years for Canada.

    In fact, Canada technically has one of the worst World Cup records in history after losing all three games at Mexico 1986 where they failed to score a goal and let in five. Now up against 2018 finalists Croatia, 2018 third-placed Belgium and Morocco in their group, they have another incredibly tough test.