Bet with "value"

    bet with value

    A bet has a "value" if you think that the bookmakers odds are set at a level, at which the reward outweighs the risk. To check whether a bet has a "value" you must do the following:

    • - Calculate the probability of success of your prediction (forebet does this for you in percentages).
    • - Find the best decimal price.
    • - Multiply the percentage chance of a win against the odds.

    Any result equal or greater than 1.00 means that your bet has a "value".

    So if you think a team has 50% chance of winning, than you must bet on this win only if the bookmakers odd is 2.00 or greater, because 2.00*50% = 1.00. Therefore, it is advisable not to bet only because you are certain of your bet, but to check whether the bet has a "value.