Labouchère system


    The Labouchère system is used mainly in Roulette and has to be applied to even money Roulette propositions such as Red/Black, Even/Odd etcetera. The system can also be used for football predictions, if you bet on odds equal to 2.00.

    Firstly, we need to determine our betting bank and the exact winnings that we want to accomplish. Then, we have to write a sequence of integers (“the Labouchère sequence”) whose total sum is the winnings that we want to try to achieve. The sequence can be of any length, such as 1,2,3,4 or 1,3,4,5,6,7,8.

    The main principle of this system is that the size of our bet is equal to the sum of the first and last numbers of the sequence that we have already defined. In case of a successful football prediction, we cross the numbers, which we have used to form the bet. If we lose, we then add the sum of the two numbers at the end of the line and continue betting. A player wins when all the numbers of the sequence are crossed.

    Theoretically, due to the player crossing out two numbers of the sequence for each successful bet and adds only one in case of failure, 33.34% are enough to make a profit and cross all the numbers in the line. Of course, to reach this attractive percentage, numerous bets must be made. For example, for 43.600 successful and 87.193 unsuccessful bets, we have 33.34% success rate for which all the numbers in the line are crossed. Let`s consider an example of less numbers in the sequence (7 numbers). In this occasion, if we manage to reach 62.5% success rate, in other words 5 wins and 3 losses, we then cross all the seven numbers in the line and make profit.

    An obvious disadvantage of the Labouchère system is the largely increased amount of our bet on every loss. This is of course the drawback of the most betting systems as the main goal is to accomplish some winnings. The forebet team believes that the pleasure of the successful football predictions with a small bet is the greatest. Analyzing an example in which the sequence is 10,20,30,40 we can clearly see that after three consecutive losses the player would have lost 180$ and the following bet must be 70$.

    The reverse Labouchère system is also quite popular among the Roulette players. In this system we must cross out the numbers on every loss and add the sum of the used numbers on every win.

    The main advantage of the Labouchère system over others is that once we have established a betting bank we know when to stop using the system - after reaching the bank`s limit. On the other hand, if we have crossed out all the numbers from the sequence then we have accomplished the desired profit. In both cases we have an expected result.